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Zipscreen Outdoor Blinds Adelaide

Zipscreen System – Outdoor Blinds in Adelaide

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Zipscreen Outdoor Blinds provide a suitable all year round option for any external blind solution to enclose an outdoor area or cover a window. Our blinds allow you to seamlessly integrate your indoor and outdoor areas by enclosing your alfresco entertaining areas and providing you protection from the weather whilst ensuring privacy. Protect against:

  • Sunlight/UV rays
  • Insects
  • Wind
  • Light rain

Five Star Outdoor Blinds

  • We are a proud Australian owned company established in South Australia in 2014
  • We are family owned and operated with combined experience of more than 40 years
  • We specialise in Window Roller Shutters and Zip Screen Blinds
  • Our sister company, Five Star Spas, was also established in 2010
Five Star Outdoor Blinds Adelaide, Australia

What are outdoor blinds?

Zipscreen blinds are screen fabrics that allow you to make full use of the external areas of your home.. They provide a range of fitting, operations and fabrics which are all available at Five Star Outdoors to suit everyone’s specific needs. Zipscreen Outdoor blinds allow customers to maintain their views while controlling glare, weather, heat and wind.

The various Advantages of Zipscreen blinds available

If you favour your privacy and would love to enjoy the comfort of your space every day, the Five Star Outdoors system using Zipscreen is the perfect solution. Zipscreen blinds are very durable and relatively maintenance free.

The Zipscreen blinds are designed for enjoyable spaces like the verandas, balconies, and pergolas. They shield users from the wind, sun, rain and even insects, plus they help to maintain your privacy. They are also perfect for windows in offices and homes as they serve a secure, durable, and sleek alternative to outdoor louvres and traditional awnings.

Our durable and strong Zipscreen blinds offer protection from UV rays, the sun, gusty winds, and rain. Additionally, Zipscreen blinds can be custom made to give a perfect environment for relaxing that is secure, and insect free. They are also ideal for an extensive range of settings. Our Zipscreen blinds are the best solution for any commercial or residential application.

Our entire Zipscreen system utilises stainless steel hardware and aluminum tubing that provides it with an extensive retention capability. They also provide external shade for widths of up to 7 metres and drops of 5 metres. The Five Star Zipscreen blinds maintain your need for privacy accompanied by an aerated space and they have no pulleys, no ropes, no stitching, and no straps.


Temperature regulation

Zipscreen blinds help in controlling the temperature and thus making your outdoor spaces more pleasurable and even livable during phases of extreme elements and weather like mid-summer and mid-winter.

Ease of Operation:

Zipscreen blinds come with a custom designed spring-loaded manual operation. Alternatively users can choose a manual crank option or motorised option which can also be controlled remotely.

Choice of Design:

Zipscreen blinds also come in a range of fabrics that includes a privacy mesh or an outdoor shade weave mesh hence making them sleek, secure and adorable.

Durable and sleek Fabric:

Clients can choose from an extensive range of patterns, colours, and textures from Five Star Outdoors, the best outdoor blind company in South Australia. This makes our Zipscreen blinds a more secure and durable alternative with added peace of mind for service.

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Sun/UV Protection

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Insect Resistant

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Wind Resistant

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Natural Anodised

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Woodland Grey

Classic Cream color image

Classic Cream

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Pure White

"This is an indication only, The actual colours may vary"


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OUTLOOK & MODE fabrics that are supported by a 10 year warranty which also covers changes in physical properties

Blinds are LEAD FREE

Blinds that allow for:

  • Sun Control
  • Ventilation
  • Uninterrupted views
  • Perfect fit
  • No Gaps
  • Upto 7m span without a post
  • Optional Pelmet boxes
  • Standard spring-loaded easy operation or motorised options


Don't compare Five Star Outdoor Blinds' quality with inferior products, like:

PVC Blinds which are not UV stabilised and sag soon after installation

Mesh Blinds using ropes and pullies

Crank Blinds which don't use guides, leave gaps and flap noisily in even mild winds

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