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Top Ten Reasons to Buy a Spa

Top Ten Reasons to Buy a Spa

Whether you’re looking for a list of reasons to buy a spa to convince your partner or if you are researching reasons to buy a spa for personal interest, here are our top ten reasons why we think a spa is an excellent idea for your home.

  1. Relax
    • Winter, summer, spring or fall, an outdoor spa is a perfect place to socialise or simply relax.
  2. Stiffness
    • A spa is a great way to treat muscle soreness or body aches and pains.
  3. Sleep better
    • Sitting in a hot tub raises the body temperature and enhances your ability to fall asleep.  Evening soaks promote uninterrupted slumber
  4. Post-Op Therapy
    • Once the wound heals, rehabilitation programs may include hydrotherapy to help patients get back on their feet faster.
  5. Open Up The Sinuses
    • The steam rising off the hot water in your hot tub can help to open up nasal passages.  Inhaling warm, moist air has long been a home remedy for upper respiratory problems.
  6. Help Relieve Back Aches
    • Our hot tubs have special therapeutic jets the move up and down the spine to soothe inflamed tissue and relieve the pain.
  7. Relief from Headaches
    • Many people find that soaking in a hot tub relieves headache pain, especial pain from tension headaches.  As the body relaxes, so do the muscles in the head.
  8. Post Workout Relief
    • Whether you’ve ridden in the Tour Down Under, played footie, golf or if you’ve just had an impromptu game of backyard cricket, slide into your hot tub and relieve muscle tension in a recliner lounge or a specially designed therapeutic seat that massages everything from your neck to the bottom of your feet.
  9. Backyard Showcase
    • An outdoor hot tub brings life to your backyard and can be a featured show piece.
  10. Be Social
    • Whether it’s friends or family, sitting in the hot tub is about both about relaxing and socialising.

Personal Hot Tub Stories

I had no idea how much use we would get out of our hot tub.  I’ve seen a lot of tubs in friends back yards over the years that looked pretty abandoned.  Some were actually just buckets in the backyard so I was a bit reluctant to buy a hot tub, thinking we weren’t going to use it much once the novelty wore off.  It’s been 4 years and we are still using our hot tub almost every night.  I absolutely love it.

~ Byron McLeod

Ive been in the fitness industry for 10 years now and Ive been racing triathlon for the last 4 years, running the CTS keeps me extremely busy along with 20-30 hours per week training my self, I know how important recovery is, my nutrition and lifestyle needs to be perfect for me to get back out and do it all again. 
I know that stretching and water are a huge part of recovery also, I used a spa and sauna occasionally at the local swim centre and always felt amazing after along with feeling no muscle soreness the next day, after meeting Laurie and the team at a trade show one week end I knew that I could take my training and recovery to the next level my purchasing a spa, these guys made it so affordable for me I would of been silly not to get one, we use our spa now every night and it is amazing we absolutely love it, I recommend any one thinking about getting one just do it you will not regret it…

Aaron Buchan 

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