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Tips on giving you the best possible spa experience

Tips on giving you the best possible spa experience

Spa Experience

To create a superb outdoor atmosphere around your spa, we suggest a number of key steps:

  • Invest in lush green lawns, water features and a selection of plants as they certainly contribute to an inviting environment
  • Add to the allure by establishing comfortable out of spa surrounds like cosy and relaxing chairs, crash mats and umbrellas
  • Tantalise the senses even further by adding scents and natural light during the day, soft and warm candle-like glows in the evening
  • Maximise convenience by having sound systems, television screens and bar facilities close at hand…even hooks for towels and bathrobes add to the positive experience
  • Add warmth to the area during winter, to create an all-year-round outdoor haven
  • Go the extra mile by complementing the spa with a sauna and outdoor shower – they not only say ‘wow’ but have hygiene benefits

When it comes to having your spa in pristine condition and there to enjoy for many a long year, here are a few tips:

  • The golden rule, bar none, is to clean the filters at least once a week
  • When you choose a top quality spa like the Australian-made Lanark, it’s virtually maintenance free as all spas are factory set to clean themselves twice a day
  • Avoid chemical sanitation which, over time, will fade and damage headrests, hardcovers, jets and internal plumbing, not to mention what it will do to your skin and body! Five Star Spas offers chlorine-free and even more popular chemical-free alternatives
  • If you must usechemicals, you will need to drain the spa every three months; whereas freshwater sanitation models require nothing more than an annual water drain
  • Cleanse and degrease pipes once a year to remove gunk and build-up that will otherwise affect spa performance
  • If your spa has a smart menu, take the time to understand and familiarise yourself with its functionality and use the cleaning and power saving options available for the different seasons
  • When not in use, it is advisable to lift the spa’s lid for at least 30 minutes each day as this will release ozone gases that, if trapped, could damage the spa
  • Spa cedar cabinets should be oiled or stained once or twice a year, especially if exposed to the elements
  • And finally, weather protective oil or a finish like armour oilapplied to headrests and the hard cover every three months will make a word of difference to the spa’s longevity and your enjoyment

Do your homework before purchasing, as there are many different spa solutions, one of which is bound to meet your needs.  Here’s a bit of an insight into the different styles of spas and their price points:

  • The entry level is the basic hot tub, which have only air jets and blow only bubbles and have no real health benefits other than a hot water soak…but they can be fun and social, so if that’s what you’re after, they fit the bill
  • Moving up, other spas retain the fun and social aspects but have primarily been engineered and built for hydrotherapy and remedial massage
  • Spas come in various sizes, such as three-, five-, seven- and eight-seaters, with the basic five-seater starting from around $6,000 including hard cover, steps and sanitation
  • Swim spas offer three different lengths, 4-metre, 4.5-metre and 4.8-metre
  • Spas increase in price as they get bigger, have more seats and jets, boast more powerful and stronger pumps, and come with custom finishes like waterfalls, premium lighting and music
  • Some spas even offer seat type options, from moulded seatsto hold you in place to bench seats which allow for more social use and seating options

Issued by: Rebecca O’Rourke of O’Rourke PR on 0408 820 527

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