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Swim spas ride the wave of growing popularity

Swim spas ride the wave of growing popularity

The swim spa is on the crest of a wave as a viable alternative to the traditional swimming pool, surging to popularity on the back of benefits ranging from compactness and low maintenance to a best-of-both-worlds scenario.

That’s the experience of Founder and Managing Director of Adelaide’s Five Star Spas, Laurie Mallia, who notes that while they’ve been around for a number of years, their popularity has never been higher than it is right now.

“There has been a real surge over the past 18 to 24 months,” Mr Mallia, whose company holds the South Australian licence for the award-winning and 100 per cent Australian-made Lanark range of chemical and freshwater spas, said.

“And while there are probably many reasons behind it, our experience is it is being driven by smaller back yards, low maintenance and the modern dual zone spas being able to accommodate the swim spa – in effect a small swimming pool – at the one end and a hydrotherapy spa or a traditional hot tub at the other.”
Simply put, a swim spa is an invention that allows you to swim continuously against a water current and provides you with a challenging swim exercise workout using the least amount of space, water and electricity.

Swim spas measure anything between four and five metres in length and are about three metres wide, while the dual option is of similar width but more than six metres long.
While the primary market remains those seeking exercise either by swimming or walking against the powerful jets of water, Mr Mallia has noticed a growing appeal among young families with children.

“This group sees the dual zone spa as a great piece of exercise equipment for the parents and, when the jets are switched off, a wonderful play pool for the children,” he said.

“One of my customers actually relayed how his kids power up the jets and surf or boogie board against them, having hours of great fun.

“As with standalone spas, the swim spa or dual zone product is increasingly forming the centre of a compact outdoor entertainment area, with the sunken spa surrounded by decking and comfy furnishings.

An added appeal is that it’s an extremely low maintenance purchase when compared with a full scale domestic swimming pool. Swim spas are programmed to clean themselves twice a day, leaving the owner with little more to do than occasionally unscrew the two filters, give them a hose-down and replace them.
“And best of all, if and when you move home, you can take your swim spa with you.”

Mr Mallia mentioned, too, that a growing number of customers who arrive at his Marion showroom looking for a spa often change their minds when they realise that, for a few thousand dollars more, they can own a swim spa and spa combination.

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