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Poppits Start Up Spa Kit

Poppits Start Up Spa Kit

Poppits Start Up Spa Kit

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The ultimate start up kit for a sparkling chlorine free Spa or Swim Spa

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Poppits Start Up Spa Kit comes with all the essentials to switch to, or start using, the Poppits Chlorine Free System in your Regular Spa or Swim Spa.

Poppits uses the synergy between silver and hydrogen peroxide to achieve the ultimate level of disinfection in spa and pool water. The combination of both components oxidises any bacteria or organic matter that may be present in the pool or spa water, resulting in crystal clear, and chlorine free water.

This sanitiser is:

  • Free of chlorine, bromine and salts
  • Cleans and conditions the spa in one action
  • Results in oxygen enriched water
  • Helps to keep your spa water clear and odour free

Chlorine vs Poppits Peroxsil 395

While Chlorine is the most conventional form of spa and pool sanitisation, there are a few alternatives that are gaining traction in the market – and with good reason! There are myriad benefits alternative methods of sanitisation can offer to spa and pool owners, especially those that do not contain or produce any harmful by-products.
One of these is Peroxsil395, which was developed in Australia to assist people with allergies – swimming without an eczema or Asthma flare-up is now a reality thanks to this development in sanitisation technology.

Let’s weigh up the pros and cons of using conventional Chlorine or new Peroxsil395 in your backyard spa or pool.


Chlorine has been on the spa and pool sanitisation scene since the 1930s – and to this day, the majority of spa and pool owners still use this method to keep their spa and pool water safe to swim in.

It involves regularly dosing the spa or pool water with chlorine (and sometimes other chemicals), plus monitoring the spa or pool for changes in pH and mineral balance.


  • Easy to use and dose
  • Readily available
  • Removes bacterial threats effectively
  • Economically viable


  • Dissipates quickly over 32 degrees
  • Uncomfortable and irritating for skin, eyes and lungs
  • Produces unpleasant odour and taste
  • Can potentially damage plumbing fixtures, spa and pool equipment or surfaces
  • Produces harmful by-products


Poppits Peroxsil 395

Peroxsil395 is the latest ultimate water management system for spa and pool sanitisation. Developed by Waterco, this system uses advanced oxidisation to purify spa and pool water.

Advanced oxidisation essentially raises the levels of active oxygen in the water, resulting in the removal of bacterial threats.


  • Suitable for those with allergies or asthma
  • Recommended by the National Asthma Council Australia – it even has the Sensitive Choice seal of approval
  • Healthier for the whole family
  • Easy to use
  • Full instruction information available
  • Removes bacterial threats without producing any harmful by products
  • Has no colour, smell or taste
  • No need to shower after swimming
  • Results in water enriched in oxygen that creates effervescing experience
  • Splash overs won’t damage plants or etch glass or perspex
  • Waste water can be used to irrigate your lawn and garden
  • Minimum number of chemicals required for full operation
  • Extends the life of spa and pool surfaces and equipment
  • Lower volume of sanitiser required
  • No toxic chemical exposure


  • Slightly more costly than chlorine

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