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IQ Mineral Additive Spa 1kg

IQ Mineral Additive Spa 1kg

IQ Mineral Additive Spa 1kg

$ 30.00



Theralux Enhance Mineral Additive for SpasTheralux Mineral Test Strips
Create a mineral bathing destination in your own backyard.
Enhanced Mineral Additive for Spas has magnesium enriched minerals to enhance bather comfort.
The idea of mineral bathing is a centuries old phenomenon and conjures up the idea of a luxurious experience, rejuvenation, relaxation and enhanced water quality.

By using IQ Theralux Enhanced Mineral Additive for Spas, you are adding naturally occurring minerals to you spa allowing you to bathe in water that provides health and wellbeing benefits to you and your family.

The addition of IQ Theralux Enhanced Mineral Additive will give the water a soft silky feel whilst moisturising and conditioning the bather. The minerals will naturally be absorbed through the skin and detoxify the body, relax the nervous system and provide relief to any muscular complaints. It also enhances the water ability to absorb calcium and other minerals which cause cloudy water. The IQ Enhance Mineral Additive will also assist in maintaining better water balance and reduce pH spike.


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