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IQ BioFresh Tablets 4x20gm

IQ BioFresh Tablets 4x20gm

IQ BioFresh Tablets 4x20gm

$ 52.00



IQ Spa Solutions BioFresh Tablets for Spas and Hot Tubs prevents and eliminates bio-film. Keeps your spa fresh and healthier for longer
Chlorine Dioxide Precursor

Active Constituent: Sodium Chlorite and inorganic salt

Prevents and eliminates bio-film from spas
Easy peel and pop dosing method
Simple all year round maintenance product
Keeps spa healthier for longer
Hot Tubs and Spas, by their very nature are breeding grounds for all types of bugs and pathogens. Bacteria love hot water and multiply much faster than in cold water.
Correct levels of sanitisers (Chlorine, Bromine, etc.) reduce the risks of the infection but the most common area of potential bacterial growth is the most ignored of overlooked – the pipes and tubes carrying the water. These are collection points for bio-film.


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