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Clear Choice Start Up Kit – Chemical, Allergy and Irritant Free Natural Spa Water Purifier

Clear Choice Start Up Kit – Chemical, Allergy and Irritant Free Natural Spa Water Purifier

Clear Choice Start Up Kit – Chemical, Allergy and Irritant Free Natural Spa Water Purifier

$ 285.00

You and your family can now enjoy crystal clear spa water with little effort and for way less $$$!

Not only that, you can say goodbye to skin irritations and tedious water balancing.

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Introducing a healthy and inexpensive, completely toxin-free, enzyme-based solution for your spa and pool maintenance. Clear Choice Start Up Kit is the world’s first 100% all natural water treatment system that replaces the need for using any harsh chemicals in your spa.

Sound too good to be true? The natural enzyme formula in this product thoroughly cleanses and purifies the water in your hot tub and spa, giving you crystal clear, clean-smelling spa water for little effort.

greentickHealthier for you and the environment – no harsh spa chemicals.
greentickEasy to Use – simply add drops on a weekly basis, little or no water balancing required.
greentickCosts less than other spa maintenance systems on the market in the long term.


Don’t just take our word for it

We get regular testimonials from our happy customers. Here is just one example:

“Just wanted to write how great it’s been using Clear Choice spa products…I was told to give Clear Choice a try and so I did, 10 months ago, and it’s been fantastic…easy to use, very little maintenance and cheap. Thank you Clear Choice, I now enjoy my spa again” Wayne Withers, WA

To get started with Clear Choice, begin with our Starter Kit for standard spas.

Have a swimming pool? You can dramatically reduce your pool chemical use with Clear Choice Swimming Pool Treatment.

The Clear Choice natural water treatment system contains a full array of non-bacterial enzymes that can be found in a healthy body of natural water. This enzyme-based water treatment system breaks down organic waste to smaller particles which enables faster natural bio-oxidation to take place. Clear Choice products also contain agents to protect your pool and spa from metals and minerals that damage equipment and surfaces.

This, combined with filtration, aeration and circulation in the pool and spa, mimics the rhythms of a natural body of water and ensures that the system stays clean and healthy between bathers and swimmers.

Clear Choice contains natural enzymes derived from plant and mineral extracts.

Clear Choice was developed by John Warberg, a bioremediation expert from the USA, in response to his frustration with the high level of maintenance required with traditional spa chemicals. He spent two years improving and developing these eco friendly spa products for the consumer market. After his friends and business associates had used it for about a year with excellent results, John’s water treatment product was ready to be made available on a wider scale.

The Clear Choice system has successfully been used in the USA for 12 years. Today, Clear Choice’s natural, eco friendly spa products are sold in the UK, Canada and New Zealand.

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