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The Coziest Space to Bond with Nature

There’s one fact that cannot be disputed: your life is better with an outdoor spa. Transform how you spend time with your friends and family in one of our world-class hot tubs. Envision a life where you have the ability to prescribe yourself a special treatment whenever you’d like: you’ll revolutionise “me time” and live a happier and healthier life with our relaxation therapy aquatic vessels.

Add a touch of luxury to your home lifestyle. Come check out our outdoor spas in Adelaide. Our Five Star Outdoor showroom sports our wide range. 

Our luxurious hot tubs and swim spas add a resort-like feel to your home. Designed with the rejuvenating power of hydrotherapy, they provide a tranquil space for you to recuperate from a hard week at work or to pamper yourself like royalty. Your backyard should be your oasis. With a portable spa, it’s bound to be the center of attention and crux of family enjoyment. Simply soak away your troubles day or night. Selling only the highest quality spas in Adelaide, Five Star Outdoors offers a wide variety of options to fit your space, budget, and need. Create your dream backyard today:

Wide range of sizes to suit any lifestyle or family size

Custom installation for any outdoor space

Locking covers available

Bluetooth music setup available

Last for Years- We Have a 25 Year Warranty

10 year structural warranty

How to distinguish between an Outdoor Spa, Jacuzzi and Hot tub

People refer to portable spas by a plethora of names, but they generally mean the same thing. The word “spa” designates the term for a heated vessel of water containing jets. Hot tubs are above-ground portable spas that are often made of wood or composite material with a plastic liner. This term is common in North America and parts of Europe. A whirlpool signifies the jets that push water around the spa, typically in a circular motion. Jacuzzi is simply a well-recognized brand, that it has become a by-word for the device, similar to the use of “google” for search engine, or “jet-ski” for personal watercraft. 

The only main difference between the above words for “spa” and “swim spa” is the actual size of the vessel. A portable spa can range from what we at Five Star Outdoors delineate as an “intimate spa”, that hold up to four people and “family spas” that can hold up to ten persons. Their features include seats or recliners with headrests, jets, and air-blowers, LED lighting systems, filtration systems, and touch controls.

Swim spas are the perfect hybrid between a hot tub and a swimming pool. For those who might not have enough backyard space to contain a full pool, but want the freedom to play, swim spas are the perfect solution. Most are built with a seated area with attached small pool, in a rectangle shape, and are used for more active recreational styles or even physical training. They are perfect for families with children who would prefer to play in the water rather than soak. We also offer ‘personal size’ swim spas that hold just a few people, but still have exercise capabilities. With high-powered jets strong enough to swim laps against, and accessories meant for exercise, swim spas are the perfect place for workouts, group gatherings, and relaxation.

Picking The Right Option For You

First, consider whether your outdoor spa in Adelaide will be used for relaxation or socialisation. Think about how much space you can supply:  most require at least 2metres square. You should also consider spa power requirements. Some spas need 10 or 15 amps, while others require up to 32 with 15 amps hardwired in. 

All of our spas are considered “portable” meaning that if you move, you can take your equipment with you. You might also choose not to in order to sell your property at an increased price.

Customisations and Upgrades

Our spas come with a variety of add-ons, including matching stairs for easy entrance, and Bluetooth capabilities. Families with small children should consider our lockable hard-covers that prevent the spa from being opened willy-nilly. Our Swim spas also have optional workout equipment to choose from.

Five Star Outdoors also offers beautiful patio and alfredo upgrade products, like *Zip Screen and *Verandah Blinds to create a private zone around your outdoor spa. Enjoy an afternoon soak in private with the addition of our outdoor blinds and screens, and create the ultimate aesthetic zone.

Check out our models below:


Family Size Spas

Intimate Size Spas

Swim Spas

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