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    Want to save on your energy costs, or increase the value of your property? Would you like to have panels installed on your Adelaide home or business, but don’t know where to start? Interested in helping the environment? Are you confused about the type of solar power you might need, or even how solar panels work? 

    Relax! We’ve got the answers for you- you’ve come to the right place!

    Clean Energy makes it all Possible!

    Reduce Electricity Costs

    Reduce electricity costs

    Protect the Environment

    Protect the environment

    Work Reliably in All Harsh Weather Conditions

    Work reliably in all harsh weather conditions

    Last for Years- We Have a 25 Year Warranty

    Last for years: We have a 25 year warranty

    Renewable Energy And Solar Panels Adelaide

    Installing solar panels in Adelaide is one of the most environmentally friendly choices you can make for your home or business. Our Q Cell panels are manufactured with the Australian climate in mind. They are specifically designed to hold up to harsh weather conditions, and tested for efficiency and longevity. 

    Five Star Outdoors only partners with the highest quality brands possible, which is why we chose Q Cell to manufacture our solar panels.  With solar cells manufactured specifically for Australian conditions and incomparable local support, Q Cell is the go-to manufacturer of solar panels for Australian consumers. In fact, Q Cell was selected as a “Top Brand” in Solar for 5 consecutive years in Australia! Q Cell maintains all-inclusive testing facilities in local laboratories and post-installation- meaning that our panels hold up to the highest regulatory standards year after year.

    Type of Solar Panels

    Solar Panels come in a few varieties: monocrystalline, polycrystalline (also known as multi-crystalline), and thin-film. Though both polycrystalline and monocrystalline panels are made from silicon wafers, monocrystalline is made from a single continuous pure silicon crystal that is melted and framed together. Thin-films use silicon in their composition, but are actually composed of non-crystalline silicon placed on glass/plastic/metal. Polycrystalline and thin-film are easier to make, and thus cheaper, but their efficiency rate is much lower than their monocrystalline counterparts. Efficiency is the rate at which a panel can turn UV light into electricity. 

    We only use monocrystalline panels to guarantee you the highest performing investment. Most solar panels maintain a 15-20% efficiency rate, but all of our panels secure at least 19.5%, and usually supply up to a 21% rate! 

    Advantages of Monocrystalline Panels

    Five Star Outdoors is committed to making sure that your solar PV system is not only efficient today, but will last a lifetime. As your solar cells age, their ability to convert sunlight drops. Our Q cell panels start with a very high efficiency rate, meaning that they will produce more energy over their lifetime than other brands. Having such a high efficiency rate is also an advantage for limited space. If you have a partially shaded rooftop, or don’t receive full sun all day, you can still generate enough electricity to power your home. With lower efficiency panels, this is simply not possible. 

    The average Australian household uses about 5700kWh per year, meaning that you would need 22 panels of average efficiency to offset your entire electrical bill. Our expert team can walk you through how many your particular household would require. You can trust Five Star Outdoors to get your solar panels installed properly. From design to installation, all the way to connecting your panels to your grid, we are with you at every step.

    Earning a Passive Income From Your Solar PV System

    Did you know that your renewable energy system can make you money? After you power up your house, you can sell back the extra electricity to your local municipality. Any extra wattage can be exported back to the grid, offering you the ability to make a tidy profit every month.

    Reach out to Five Star Outdoors today for a free solar quote. Get your panels installed by experts, and breathe easy knowing you’re making an eco-conscious choice for your family and for your community.

    Our Solar Panels

    Q.PEAK DUO-G6+ 340-355
    Type 120-half-cell module
    Power Classes From 340 to 355 Wp
    Temperature Coefficient PMPP -0.36 %/K
    Efficiency Up to 20.1 %
    Size 1740 mm × 1030 mm × 32 mm (including frame)
    Weight 19.9 kg
    Wind/Snow Load 4000Pa / 5400Pa
    Maximum System Voltage 1000
    Solar Panels Adelaide


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