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    There are so many benefits to installing roller shutters in your home or storefront. Their strong construction and insulative properties offer serious savings on your heating and cooling bills, whilst also providing an additional barrier against outside noise. Whether you’re using them on your home or business property, you can rest easy knowing they will protect your buildings from inclement weather, potential vandalisation and intruders. Never again worry about a stray cricket ball breaking a window. Five Star Outdoors provides only the highest quality roller shutters Adelaide.  


    Roller Shutter Security and Usage

    Sleep better, knowing you’re safe and secure. Installing these shutters is one of the best ways to protect your property. Roller shutters prevent intruders from entering your home easily because they fit closely to doors and windows. They cannot be pried away without a great deal of effort. Many security companies also provide options for connecting your shutters to an existing home security system. Not only do they physically deter any menacing force, roller shutters also add an outstanding visual hindrance. Once your shutters are drawn and locked into position, it will be extremely difficult for any ill-intent on your property. 


    Roller Shutters in Adelaide help shift workers catch a few more hours of sleep with their excellent light control capabilities. With their careful, intelligent design, you can either allow them to fully blackout light, or let filtered daylight through the perforations in the slats. Whilst benefiting you from noise protection and temperature insulation, they double as security, protecting your home or business from intruders. What’s more, they can also safeguard your property from radiant heat in bushfire-prone areas.

    Our classic roller shutters are not only cost-effective, but they add value to your Adelaide home. Window Roller Shutters are also an efficient way to cut down on greenhouse effects from UV rays penetrating your windows, reducing your utility bills by up to 45%.* Studies show that these applications keep the natural ambient indoor temperature 15 degrees cooler in summer (and 15 warmer in winter time)! They also prevent sun bleaching of your indoor furniture and carpet. Consider broken windows a thing of the past: with roller shutters, you’ll never have to worry about storms or hail rattling and smashing your glass. Classic roller shutters are created from aluminium, which is one of the most easily recyclable materials in the world. This means that your shutters carry a very low carbon footprint while further reducing your need to run heating or air conditioning systems, year round.

    Roller shutters are quickly becoming a popular choice for home theatre rooms where sound and light control are essential to creating a realistic cinematic experience, all from the comfort of your own home. On top of that, they look great! 


    There are many operation styles to choose from including manual, winder, electric switch, and remote control. Whether you would like a portable remote or a mounted wall-switch, Five Star has the option for you.  Our roller shutters even have the capability to integrate with smart-home applications. With smart-shutters, you can operate all your shutters at once using a phone or voice control. You can even set them on a timer to automate your daily routine. 

     Forget worrying about whether you left your smart shutters* open or closed: simply check your smartphone when on-the-go. Smart Shutters also sync in with any home assistant. Just ask Google, Alexa, or Siri to take control of your roller shades.


    With 16 different colours available, Five Star Outdoors has a style to suit every preference. These unobtrusive additions mesh well with almost any architectural style, adding character and style to your estate. Created out of strong and sturdy aluminium, we back the quality and longevity of our products. We proudly offer a 5 year guarantee on Roller Shutters in Adelaide & a 6 year guarantee on electric motors! Reach out to us today for a free measure and quote, meaning that your shutters are unique to your home: A perfect fit.

    Barrier: Effective against 90% of external weather (heat or chill!)

    Strong and Reliable: Created from interlocking aluminium slats

    Work Reliably in All Harsh Weather Conditions

    Internal Control: Allow light and fresh air in as you wish

    Key locked for extra protection

    Custom made to suit individual window sizes and operation types

    Our Roller Shutters Gallery

    Colour Options

    We have 16 different colour options to choose from, plus the added bonus of highlights.


    Classic Cream



    Woodland Grey








    *Olive Green


    *Mountain Blue


    “This colour chart is a guide and may be slightly different than the finished product. All standard colours include profile, pelmet, tracks and bottom rail.
    * Highlight Colours

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