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ZipScreen blinds allow you to use your outdoor spaces year round. These blinds were designed by Australians specifically for the harsh weather conditions we face here. Their high-quality retractable screens protect your space from unwanted bugs and UV damage while maintaining a comfortable climate and ensuring privacy. They have the ability to lock into place when extended down, securing your area from wind and keeping your alfresco spaces clean and dust-free. In fact, outdoor patio blinds are designed with a patented “Z-Lock” side-fastening technology that completely seals your alfresco area. Use these outdoor blinds Adelaide to ensure your entertainment spaces are enjoyable no matter the weather.

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Zipscreen Uses and Applications

Ever fancied adding a room onto your home? Turn your patio or alfresco area into an extension of your house in minutes using these outdoor blinds. Forget relying on bug spray for pesky gnats or mozzies- these shades provide more than just UV ray coverage. Add them to windows, back yards, or around the outdoor spas or pool.

With Zipscreen, you can control the amount of light and air flow you require. Open them halfway to allow more sunlight into your space, or close them completely to keep out any prying eyes. Though the world outside cannot see inside easily, you’ll still have a clear view looking out. 

Zipscreen blinds are custom made to fit your space. They can vary widely in size, up to 5.5 metres wide, with a drop range up to 4 metres. If you need a wider installation, Zipscreen also comes in the “Extreme” size. The Extreme spans up to 7 metres wide and doesn’t require a divider post. It has a length of up to 5 metres.

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Australian Made to Handle the Toughest Conditions




Beautifully Streamlined Screens: No Ropes, Pulleys or Tracks

Coastal Approved

Coastal Approved

Protects from UV Rays

Protects from UV Rays, Insects, Wind and Light Rain

What is Z-Lock Technology?

Z-Lock technology refers to the side channels that anchor your screens to the walls they are attached to. The inner channel sits beneath an outer layer, with a small 5mm zip inside that holds your screen in place. The Z-lock technology creates a full barrier between each side of the blind, so no bugs or debris can enter at any point along the wall. The screen is tucked in neatly within the channel, creating a cohesive and uniform look. We guarantee there are no gaps, so your area is draft-free.

Outdoor Blind Operation and Colour Choices

There are a number of operation controls available. If you prefer a manual screen, we offer hand-crank operations with a detachable arm. We also offer a spring-balanced control mechanism. Simply pull down on the blind from the center of the weighted bar, and lower to the desired setting.

Five Star also offers Smart Blinds! With motorised ZipScreens, you can use a remote control to raise or lower your shades. You can also sync your blinds with a smartphone application or use voice control. They are compatible with any at-home AI system, like the Echo, Alexa, or IFFFT.  These Outdoor blinds can be automated on a timer for ease of use and can be controlled from anywhere using your application.

Five Star Outdoors offers a range of fabric choices that allow you to choose the opacity of the blind. They come in 4 standard colour choices, with the option to customise the fabric to match your house’s exterior. Choose from White, Cream, Black, Monument Grey, or a Natural Anodized Silver. Our expert team at Five Star Outdoors can show you the custom colour palette as well. 

Your home should be your oasis: with ZipScreen Outdoor Blinds, you can maintain your view while controlling glare, heat, and wind.

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Control Options

Zipscreens are available in a variety of control options:


Manual control is cost-effective and available in two configurations: spring action or hand crank operations.


Open and close your shades with the touch of a button: no elbow grease needed here!


Motorized ZipScreens can be paired with the Automate Pulse Hub, allowing you to control your shade with the touch of a button- or through voice control using Alexa or Google Assistant

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