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Tassie Spa

Tassie Spa
Tassie Spa
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This 3 person hot tub is the ideal option for couples. An elegant hot tub, bringing you a new visual experience, with comfortable seats and 10 jets giving an intimate hydrotherapy massage. Turn on your iPod or DVD and beautiful songs accompany you. The bottom light and fibre optic lights change slowly through seven different colours one by one, creating a romantic and warming atmosphere.

Spa Information – Tassie

3 Person Spa.
1 Recliner Seat
2 Massage Seats
16 Stainless Steel Massage Jets
2.0 HP Water Pump
1.5 KW Heater
Digital Control System
Built in Filtration System
Water Line LED Lighting

Available Colour

White Acrylic and Grey Cabinet

Size & Weight

1850 x 1250 x 780mm
Dry Weight – 250kg

Power Requirements

10 AMP Plug & Play – No Electrician Needed

Payment Methods

Cash or Credit Card

Optional Extras

Lockable Hardcover
Matching Steps
Start-Up Kit

Tassie Spa

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