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Gemstone Spas

Gemstone Spas

Latest technology hydrotherapy Spas out of USA and built especially for those North American Winters from as little as $24 per week!

Up to 35% on Selected Spas

Gemstone Series from American Spas combine powerful massage, ergonomic design and high-quality features. Every spa has been designed with the best massage experience in mind. Reliable components, versatile yet targeted massage jets, an innovative water purification system and latest electronic control systems deliver a great Spa massage experience.

These are fully featured family spas that can accommodate up to 8 people. Their features include adjustable shoulder and neck jets, 4HP 2 speed jet pumps, dual waterfalls, a foot massage and much more. The Five Star gemstone spas have been designed by innovative water purification systems and the latest electronic control systems to deliver great Spa treatments. These American spas combine a powerful massage, an ergonomic design, and some high-quality features.

If you are looking to install something that would act as a favourite relaxing place for your friends and family, this is really what you need. It is built to work year after year through its advanced technology and precision engineering. Its ergonomic design makes it quite stylish and comfortable. It has enough room for 8 people while featuring ergonomic seats, adjustable cascading waterfalls, molded drink holders, walk-in steps, comfortable pillows, and ambient lighting.

Tips for buying a gemstone spa

Its qualities.

Look for a maintenance free cabinet designed tastefully with an alloy frame. Five Star Spas have been designed to complement any decor and an all year round performance is guaranteed. The frame of the cabinet is designed and engineered for strength and durability. They have reliable components, versatile yet targeted massage jets powered by hi-flow pumps that are energy efficient.

Ease of Control

It is also advisable to look for gemstone hot tubs that are easy to operate. Five Star Spas come with electronic controls placed on the top side that you can access from outside and/or inside of the tub. This increases reliability since it only has four – six buttons for light, temperature, and pumps.

Energy Saver System

You do not want a spa that will consume too much power. The Five Star gemstone family-friendly hot tubs are designed with a system for energy saving during breaks. It recycles heat instead of venting it out like other spas hence saving you money.

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