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Broome Swim Spa

Broome Swim Spa
Broome Swim Spa
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The fabulous Broome, the largest in our range of single zone swim spas, is perfect for a swimming party! With outstanding design, sculpted seats and massage jets, it is the ultimate in comfort, relaxation and versatility. This is a real family swimming spa, a perfect investment for time with family and friends, whilst still providing the ultimate exercise workout or just relaxation. Again, the taller sides allow for a deeper swim and simply more fun and all year round use.




Fibreglass base

R10 insulation

Bluetooth player with 4 speakers

Swim tether

Aquatic rowing system

Aquatic fitness rope

Spa Information – Broome Swim Spa

2 Seats
3 Recliners
4 x 3.0 HP Massage Pump
1 x 2.0 HP Massage Pump
3.0 KW Built in Heater
1.0 HP Circulation Pump
1.0 HP Air Blower
34 Hydrotherapy Stainless Jets
1 Water Diverter
3 Turbo Air Controllers
Digital Touch Pad & Controller
Skimmer Box Filtration System
Moulded Head Rests
Water Line LED Lighting
Ozone Sanitation System

Size & Weight

5800 x 2200 x 1600mm
Dry Weight – 1500kg

Available Colour

White, Black or Blue Acrylic
Grey Cabinet

Power Requirements

32 AMP + 15 AMP Hard Wired – Electrician Needed

Payment Method

Cash or Credit Card

Optional Extras

Lockable Hardcover
Matching Steps
Start-Up Kit
Bluetooth Music System

Broome Swim Spa

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