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How to create a superb outdoor atmosphere around your spa

  • Create a green lush and inviting environment
  • Water features
  • Add warmth for colder seasons
  • Ensure convenience – ie) Music, TV, Drinks at hand or as simple as hooks to hold towels or bathrobes to access as soon as you leave Spa
  • Comfortable out of spa surrounds like comfy chairs, crash mats, umbrella
  • Natural lighting for day time and soft candle type lighting for evenings
  • Scents and smells
  • Accompanying Sauna
  • Accompanying Outdoor shower for a real wow factor + hygiene benefits

How best to look after your spa

  • Virtually maintenance free as they are factory set to come on twice
    a day to clean themselves
  • Avoid Chemical Sanitation which will overtime deteriorate headrests, hardcovers, jets and internal plumbing (imagine what it does to your skin and body?)- we have chlorine free and more popular chemical free alternatives
  • If using Chemicals drain spa every 3 months, if using freshwater sanitation drain water annually
  • Cleanse or degrease pipes annually to remove gunk and build up that will affect spa performance if not done
  • Clean filters regularly, at least once per week (GOLDEN RULE)
  • Understand your Spa’s smart menu (if they have one) and
    functionality and use the cleaning and power saving options available during different seasons
  • When not using the Spa lift the lid for at least 30 minutes per day (releases Ozone gases that can also damage spas if trapped)
  • Cedar Cabinets should be oiled or stained once or twice a year, especially if exposed to weather
  • Protective oil or finish (like armour oil) applied to headrests and hard cover every 3 months

More information on the different style/range of spas and
price points

  • Basic hot tubs just have air jets and blow bubbles – no real health benefits other than hot water soak (so more fun and social)
  • Our Spas are fun and social, however predominantly engineered and
    built for hydrotherapy and remedial massage
  • There are a range of spa sizes – 3, 5, 7 and 8 seater Spas
  • 3 different models of Swim Spas (4m long, 4.5m long, 4.8m long)
  • Basic 5 seaters start from $6000 including hard cover, steps and
  • Spas increase in price as they get bigger, more seats, more jets, bigger and stronger pumps, and custom finishes like waterfalls, premium lighting, music, etc
  • Varying Spas can also have seat ‘type’ options like bucket seats
    that hold you n place or bench seats which allow for more social use and seating options

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