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Home Magazine and Five Star Spas

Home Magazine and Five Star Spas

Spas the new hero in home outdoor living

There’s a distinct trend underway in the world of outdoor home entertainment, with the spa no longer a standalone feature but the focal point of an alfresco oasis that includes a deck, a kitchen, contemporary furnishing and a general ambience of the good life.

That’s the observation of Five Star Spas’ founder and owner, Laurie Mallia, who says he’s found a marked swing from the days when the spa was tucked away in a shed or enclosure towards its hero status today.

And he’s eminently qualified to make the call, having spent more than two decades in the outdoor lifestyle business, much of it with his focus on hot tubs and spas.

“When today’s homeowner is considering buying a spa, the questions inevitably posed are how it will serve as a focal point of a stylish and inclusive entertainment area, where the emphasis is on fun, enjoyment and relaxation with family and friends,” Mr Mallia said.

“And, of course, adding to the appeal and value of the home.

“You’ll find today’s spas often sunken into decks, with soft chairs and other indulgent furnishings adding to an air of lavish outdoor living. There will often be a barbecue or external kitchen alongside, sound systems and plasma television screens and, of course, a dining area.

”And with the spa being the hero of the setting, discerning customers are also looking for something that’s an extension of their character and that of their home rather than an off-the-shelf product.

“They’re increasingly choosing to customise their spa, addingfeatures such as in-built sound systems, precise seating configurations, premium lighting, shell, cabinet and hard cover colours of their choice and an appropriate heater size.”

He added that an increasing number of his customers are turning to indoor installations by creating a similar area within the house, the motivator being the benefits of throughout the year use and convenience.

Furthermore, technological advancements, particularly when it comes to the mechanics of the spas, are bringing the product into the budgets of a growing number of homeowners as electricity and running costs plummet.

“Today’s spas have smaller circulation pumps that don’t compromise on jet velocity and produce the desired results at a fraction of the electricity expenses associated with the earlier models and their horsepower-laden pumps,” he continued.

“Then, of course, there’s the advances in hydro jets – up to 50 jets in some of the models – with the modern spa having all the entertainment and relaxation attributes but also offering therapeutic and remedial benefits.

“We’re also seeing a shift towards fresh water spas, driven by two key considerations.

“Firstly, there are an increasing number of health conscious consumers dead against chemicals and all for a fresh water solution that doesn’t harm them or the environment.

“In addition, we’re all a time-poor lot, so fresh water means we can get home from work, jump in for a 10-minute relax or blast, get dressed and head out to our evening engagement without the need for a time-consuming shower and hair wash to remove the chlorine.”

About Five Star Spas

Five Star Outdoors and its flagship Five Star Spas subsidiary is a proudly South Australian owned and operated family business committed to supporting  and growing the local economy.

The business, established by 20-year veteran in the home improvements and outdoor lifestyle sectors, Laurie Mallia, opened its first showroom in Adelaide in 2014, displaying its extensive range of off-the-shelf and customised chemical and fresh water spas from leading local manufacturer.

Five Star Spas soon expanded its offerings to meet a growing customer demand for complementary products designed to enhance outdoor lifestyles and now, under the Five Star Outdoors umbrella, offers saunas, gazebos, outdoor kitchens and outdoor blinds and shutters in addition to spas and swim spas.

The award-winning Five Star Spas – scooping the ‘Best Spa Retailer’ and ‘Best in-situ Portable Spa’ categories at the June 2015 Swimming Pool and Spa Association (SPASA) SA awards ceremony and a silver medal in the ‘Best Spa Retailer’ category at the national awards a few months later – recently relocated to larger premises at Westfield Marion and established its first interstate presence in Sydney.

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