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Five Star Spa Safety Tips – Spa Safety Australia

Five Star Spa Safety Tips – Spa Safety Australia

Keeping your family safe – Spa Safety Australia

How can you keep you and your kids safe whilst enjoying your Five Star Spa?

Safety tips:

  • Make sure that your kids know how to swim, children should be learning how to swim between ages 1-4 but you’re never too old to learn.
  • Barriers around the pool are a must if you have small children and they don’t know how to swim and fall in intentionally or accidentally.
  • Children should always be supervised when around your spa or in the spa to ensure that your children are safe at all times.
  • Use safety devices when your children are in the spa, these include: air filled floaties and rings, pool noodles are not to be used to help children to stay safe.
  • Do not drink alcohol whilst in the spa to ensure that you are alert at all times.
  • As a swimming pool or spa pool owner you must make sure that all required pool safety features are maintained in working order at all times. Gates should never be propped open and it is very important that a gate closes and latches every time it is opened.
  • Resuscitation skills are crucial because they save lives – make certain that someone on the property has these skills. In a life-threatening or urgent situation phone the emergency services on 000
    • the details and location of safety barriers
    • the safety of the pump
    • the adequacy of structural support for the swimming pool or spa pool.Development approval is required for a new swimming pool, spa pool and safety fencing. Your local council will check:
    • Fencing must be installed before a new pool is filled with water.


  • 20% of drowning deaths revolving around pools or spas are children under 14.
  • 80% of all drownings are males.
  • 70% of adults drowning include the consumption of alcohol.
  • Children of ages 1-4 are at most risk of drowning in your pool or spa.

Fun tips:

  • Have fun.
  • Enjoy the spa with friends, relatives or neighbors.
  • For the best experience with your spa, visit:

For more in depth information and regulatory information visit:

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