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Chemical Free Spa Water Purification System

Chemical Free Spa Water Purification System

Clear Choice Australia


Clean your pool and spa naturally from less than 55 cents a day!

With Clear Choice natural spa products there’s little or no water testing and balancing required. The natural enzymes in Clear Choice duplicate nature’s ability to balance and clean the water in your spa, making it the ideal solution for natural spa maintenance.


By using spa enzymes rather than toxic spa chemicals, Clear Choice purifies your spa water without harming you or the environment. So you’ll no longer have to jump straight into the shower afterwards! Leave your natural spa feeling fresher than when you entered it.

Low Cost

The Clear Choice spa cleaning system uses only three low cost products which will allow for one year’s use. Our product is a non-corrosive alternative to spa chemicals which will contribute less wear and tear to your spa mechanics. So avoid harsh spa chemicals and be good to your back pocket!


Constantly testing for correct PH and alkalinity levels? Forget spa chemicals, Clear Choice does this automatically! After switching to Clear Choice’s natural spa purifier, you only need to add a few drops to your spa once a week, allowing you more time to get on with enjoying your spa.Protect your skin while enjoying your spa with our natural spa water treatment. Not only is Clear Choice a chemical free spa treatment, it will save you time and money.

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