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Five Star Outdoors are your experts for all outdoor blinds and Alfresco Blinds in Adelaide.

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Five Star Outdoors your local suppliers for all Alfresco Blinds in Adelaide. Alfresco blinds are the perfect addition for any home. Allowing you to enjoy your outdoor entertaining space year-round. Whether it is eating, relaxing or entertaining your family and friends, alfresco blinds are just for you.

This particular type of outdoor blind is perfect for not only sun, wind and rain protection under your verandah or outdoor alfresco area. But it also adds that extra level of privacy with your own personal oasis. The materials used are to prevent not only UV Rays. But also things like bugs, insects, rain and the reduction of wind.

Why Alfresco Blinds Are Our Choice?

Think of all the benefits you can gain from this investment and addition to your property. Not only are we able to choose colours that suit the surrounding environment and property. But it also allows you to entertain year-round. You might be asking, why do we keep going on about year-round entertaining and what does it mean? The answer is always simple. Picture in your mind having a nice bottle of wine or a few beers one Saturday afternoon. As the sun comes over the property and you are suddenly blinded and can’t see.

Not only does this ruin the moment, but it also causes you to go inside and miss out on the main reason you were outside in the first place – to relax and unwind in the comfort of your own home. Or you are having a hot cup of coffee in the middle of winter and you want to enjoy sitting outside without the rain blowing in and getting you wet. Simply pull down your Alfresco Blinds and enjoy your property as it was intended to do so.

For a free measure and quote give our team at Five Star Outdoors a call on 1300 62 11 55 or fill out a contact form below. One of our staff members will be able to help you.

Alfresco Blinds Adelaide
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