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Custom Made Outdoor Spas

Every spa is custom built to meet your specs. Number of jets, shell colour, seat configuration. Start with the size and seat capacity and customise your spa from there. Choose you Spa colour, cabinet and cover.

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Exclusive Home Consultations

We come to you. Give us a call and one of our outdoor spa specialists will arrange to come to your home to provide professional consultation on what spa would be right for you and where it might best be placed.

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Own It Today with No Interest Ever!

Let us help you make your dream spa a reality. With a payment plan all you need to pay is a small deposit and you can own your very own spa today. DISCLAIMER: *Fees, charges, terms conditions and lending criteria apply. Not available all locations.

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Welcome To Five Star Spas

Get Australia’ s Largest Spa Retailers in Adelaide and South  Australia


Five Star Spas is committed to bringing you the best quality, Australia spas and American spas. Whether you’re looking for a swim spa, an entertainer’s spa or a spa for the family, Five Star Spas offers a wide range of luxurious spas factory direct to you. We have spa showroom locations in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney and we deliver anywhere in Australia.

In recent times we have become more than just Spas, rather we help to enhance your outdoor lifestyle experience with FIVE STAR OUTDOORS having recently introduced OUTDOOR BLINDS and WINDOW ROLLER SHUTTERS. Fully enclose your Outdoor area to create your very own Oasis and have an all year-round holiday. Using only world class quality products you just can’t go past FIVE STAR OUTDOORS.


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Customer Support

Great customer support for all our portable outdoor spas and products! 24/7. Email us or call us.

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Well Documented

Documentation, spa user guides and spa maintenance manuals and other product user guides free for all our spas and the range of our products.

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Modern Spas Colours

Choose the spa shell colour to match your taste and decor and select the type of spa cabinet and spa cover to ensure your spa suits your needs.

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Own it today with no interest

We have a great selection of Australia Spas and American Spas to choose from ranging from compact 3 person spas to large split swim spas.

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Outdoor Blinds

Zipscreen Outdoor Blinds are your best option for external blind solution for any outdoor area or window.

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Window Roller Shutters

Adelaide is no stranger to scorching summers & cold winters. 5 star roller shutters protect you from the heat, cold.

Why you need Outdoor Spas?

There are many benefits that come with owning the outdoor spas for sale at Five Star.

For relaxing and entertaining

Stress can increase the risk of many diseases like mental illnesses and heart diseases. A spa experience on a regular basis helps ease much stress. The circulation and production of endorphins are increased through a healing property of the jet-driven outdoor portable spa. This reduces anxiety and pain. When placed in a relaxing environment, outdoor spas relieve stress almost instantly!

They are good for your health

Your blood circulation can be immensely improved using hot tubs. The heat from the portable hot tub causes your blood vessel to dilate hence improving your blood circulation. Comfortably seating in the hot tubs can relieve pains and aches through the improved circulation of blood caused by bubble jets.

To create the perfect outdoor area

It can be quite hard to escape from modern technology around us, no doubt. These modern technologies come in different designs from tablets, mobile devices, computers, televisions, and anything in between. Portable hot tubs provide the perfect escape from such technologies.

Quality time with your loved ones

No one would miss the chance of jumping into a tub to catch up with loved ones as a way of bonding. The control panel of the high performance portable Jacuzzi provides you with options for regulating the heated water to a temperature that everyone in your family would find comfortable to sit in

Types of spas

Spas are basically the heated and jetted tubs of water installed indoor or outside. They are meant to make one have a hot spring experience at home. People from around the globe have their own distinct terms used to refer to such baths. For example:

Hot tub

This refers to the general term used by North Americans to mean spas. Hot tubs are designed with wood and a smooth layer of plastic on the inside. This brings about comfort and would not cause spinal injury.


This is a world known brand made by a company that specializes in spa baths. Just like other tubs, Jacuzzis can be installed as either portable or fixed depending on a client’s preference.

Other things you need for your home

Reasons why you need to buy outdoor blinds.

They help regulate noise and lighting.

The Five Star outdoor blinds have a great way of mitigating against noises and excessive lighting from the exterior part of the home. This is made so through a series of tests for quality carried out by our dedicated experts to bring a sense of comfort to your home.

They make your home more appealing.

The Five Star outdoor blinds come in a distinct but beautiful range of colours. Your home’s general outlook will be greatly improved by installing our stylish window shutters. They are designed to complement our clients’ homes.

Why Buy Window Roller Shutters?

There are many reasons why experts always suggest the installation of roller shutters. Some of which are:
  1. They help protect your home from thieves and burglars.
  2. Window roller shutters act as extreme weather shields for your home.
  3. They keep out the heat or cold from penetrating into your home by acting as insulators.
The maintenance of the Five Star window rolling shutters is relatively easy. They do not require frequent upkeep.

What are the Reasons Why You Need a Gazebo?

  1. So that you are always prepared for the worst in terms of weather. Gazebos help you avoid the scorching sun and sudden downpour.
  2. The different-sized gazebos from five star also provide you with the extra cover in an outdoor area. This eliminates the space limitation for operation.

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Five Star Spas is committed to bringing you the best quality, Australia spas and American spas. Whether you’re looking for a swim spa, an entertainer’s spa or a spa for the family

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